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Five Things to Do in Chicago, January 27–February 3

A talk on Palestinian identity, an anti-Asian hate rally and more events to check out this week in Chicago
Borjon family photo in Chicago: parents with two little girlsPhoto courtesy of Vanessa BorjonEssayTop StoriesTrending

The Liberating Language of Love Letters

A first-generation Mexican American on how her parents met through the Chicago Sun-Times personal ads and the benefits of dating slowly.
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Remembering the Muslim Travel Ban 5 Years On

A new book by Reece Jones chronicles the aftermath of Trump’s ban on nationals from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen.

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Staff Picks

Transgender, Women, Asylum, El Salvador, Mexico, United States, home, safety, familyPhoto by Claudia Hernández for Borderless MagazineImmigration PolicyStaff pick

The Family that Transgender Asylum Seekers Built

Mexico’s Casa de Colores has provided a home to a group of Salvadoran transgender women while they wait for asylum in the United States.
environmental, justice, immigrants, Chicago, youth, racism, Southeast, General, Iron, jobs, clean, health, comicEnvironmentMi barrio me respaldaOrganizingStaff pickVisuals

Reclaiming the Sacrifice Zone

The youth-led campaign for environmental justice on the Southeast Side.
Marip Posa gives out food at the Pilsen "Free Store" in ChicagoPhoto by April Alonso for Borderless Magazine/ CatchLight LocalStaff pickVisuals

Borderless Magazine’s Photos and Illustrations of the Year

From building a community garden to trying on a Quince dress, Borderless Magazine’s visual journalists told the stories of our immigrant communities this year.
Photo by Michelle Kanaar/Borderless MagazineAs Told ToStaff pick

Our Favorite As-Told-To Stories of 2021

From organizers to artists, Borderless Magazine worked with immigrants in 2021 to tell their stories, their way.
People look out from the McHenry County Correctional Facility during a march organized by the Coalition to Cancel the ICE Contract in McHenry County.Patrick Kunzer for Shaw LocalImmigration PolicyTrending

McHenry County Will Not Get to Keep Holding ICE Detainees, Chairman Says

The decision comes after the Illinois county fought to keep its contract with the federal immigration organization.
Photo by Michelle Kanaar/Borderless MagazineOrganizingResources

The Essential Guide to Mutual Aid Groups in Chicago

From Little Village to Rogers Park, where to give and get help from your neighbors this holiday season in Chicago and its suburbs.
immigration, journalism, book, borders, Muslim banArts & CultureImmigration PolicyTop StoriesTrending

Remembering the Muslim Travel Ban 5 Years On

A new book by Reece Jones chronicles the aftermath of Trump’s ban on nationals from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen.
Patrick Kunzer for Shaw LocalImmigration Policy

McHenry County Allowed to Keep Holding ICE Detainees for Now, Appeals Court Says

The court's ruling comes after McHenry and Kankakee counties filed a join lawsuit challenging the Illinois Way Forward Act.
Photo by Camilla Forte/Borderless MagazineImmigration Policy

Judge Upholds Illinois Way Forward Act, Sealing an End to ICE Detention in the State

A federal judge dismissed a lawsuit filed by two Illinois counties hoping to keep their lucrative ICE detention contracts. Those contracts are now set to be phased out starting Jan. 1.
Organizer and pastor Emma Lozano, wearing a black hoodie, poses in front of a mural that depicts Chicago mayor Harold Washington and Lozano’s brother, Rudy Lozano.© Michelle KanaarAs Told ToImmigration PolicyOrganizing

The Sanctuary Movement 15 Years On

Chicago pastor Emma Lozano discusses the movement to keep undocumented immigrants with their families and a related MCA exhibit.
Photo by Michelle Kanaar/Borderless MagazineHealthResources

Where to Find Free COVID-19 Tests in Chicago

PCR and rapid testing is available throughout the Chicago area. Stay on top of your health and find a testing site in your neighborhood.
HealthImmigration PolicyResources

FAQ: What You Need to Know About COVID Vaccines in Immigrant Detention Centers

A confusing rollout has left many immigrants detained by ICE relying on local governments to get a COVID vaccine.
Photo courtesy of Department of Homeland SecurityImmigration PolicyResources

What to Know About the U.S. Deportations of Haitians

After photos of Border Patrol agents whipping Haitian asylum seekers were made public, immigrant advocates are calling for an end to Title 42 deportations.
Carlos BarberenaArts & CultureAs Told ToLaborOrganizing

Carlos Barberena’s Prints Are Humanizing Testaments of Immigrant Stories

Ahead of his new exhibition in Milwaukee, the Chicago-based artist talks about his work and the radical democracy of printmaking.
Chicago Park District students watch birds at the Big Marsh Park in Chicago as part of "small is all," a program that brings together art and the environmentPhoto by Irina ZadovArts & CultureEducationEnvironment

Art and Environment Meet in New Curriculum

The Chicago artists and educators behind the “small is all" program talk about what grounds them in the city.
Photo by Claudia Hernández for Borderless MagazineArts & CultureTrending

At Last in the US, a Transgender Asylum Seeker Finds Her Footing

After crossing the U.S.-Mexico border to seek asylum, Susana Coreas is navigating life in New York City and building community along the way.