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Dear Borderless Magazine friends and supporters,

In 2022, many of you joined us as we celebrated Borderless Magazine’s third birthday. The road to get here has been long, and as we leave behind Borderless’ toddler years, we want to take a moment to recognize how far we’ve come.

We launched Borderless in October 2019 with a dream of turning our rapid response media project — 90 Days, 90 Voices — into a nonprofit news outlet that would cover our immigrant communities with the respect and depth they deserve. Over the last three years, we have grown from no full-time staff members to five full-time employees. With our small, but mighty team, we have won multiple awards and impacted the lives of many in Chicago through our reporting and mentoring work.

In our 2022 Annual Report, you’ll find some of our big wins from last year. And while we are so proud of what our team accomplished in 2022, our work is just beginning.

Immigrant communities deserve investigative journalism that holds the government and corporations accountable for how it interacts with – and sometimes abuses – some of Chicago’s most vulnerable residents. They deserve investigative journalism that not only centers their experiences but is accessible in the languages they speak.

For 2023, we plan on expanding our investigations by building on the success of our environmental and migrant bus reporting. We are also deepening community connections by expanding our newsletter and work with field canvassers.

Our communities in Chicago and beyond are relying on Borderless. Will you help us serve them by becoming a donor today? You can go to for more information.


Lekisha Gunn, Board President

Nissa Rhee, Cofounder and Executive Director

Michelle Kanaar, Cofounder and Associate Director