Three Things To Do in Chicago, Nov. 11–Nov. 18

Voice your thoughts with the #StopGeneralIron campaign, run to fundraise for Afghan refugees and join us at an awards ceremony for local independent online news!

Each week Borderless Magazine highlights some of the best things to do in Chicago’s vibrant immigrant communities.

Thursday, Nov. 11 – Organizers with the campaign to stop General Iron, now owned by Reserve Management group, are hosting a virtual town hall to share updates. 10th ward residents are encouraged to voice their concerns at this Zoom meeting, which follows a city-organized webinar last week on the proposed scrap-metal operation.

Saturday, Nov. 13 –  :runner:Join Chicago for Afghans on a 5K run at Herrick Lake Forest Preserve in Wheaton, between 11 and 3 p.m.! Funds raised will support the Zakat Foundation’s and  RefugeeOne’s work with Afghan refugees.

Tuesday, Nov. 16 – :sports_medal:Hear from Borderless Magazine’s leaders in LION’s One Big Idea Lightning Talks ahead of the Local Journalism Awards ceremony. We’ll be talking about our comic book, which is a finalist for the best visual journalism project of the year award! Register here by Nov. 14.  

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