Know Your Rights as a Migrant Farmworker

Illinois Migrant Council’s Miguel Sarmiento answers questions about migrant farmworker’s rights to salary, benefits, and protection during COVID.

Each week Borderless Magazine brings you “Behind the Story,” a video podcast about the people impacted by this nation’s immigration policies.

This week Borderless Magazine’s reporter Diane Bou Khalil talked to Miguel Sarmiento about migrant workers and their rights. Sarmiento is the director of migrant education services at the Illinois Migrant Council and was featured in our recent story, “How to Pick a Peach During COVID.” 

Key Takeaways 

Migrant workers have the right to:

– A fair salary

– Employee benefits

– Work in a safe environment 

– The supplies they need to do their job safely

– Access information about their rights

– The same education for their children as other students in U.S. schools

Need help? The Illinois Migrant Council offers services for migrant farmworkers, their employers and families. Contact them at (312) 663-1522.